Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India Amazon Best Seller
September 8, 2017

Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India

Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India

Topic : Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India | Price : Rs.2,950.00 | Available On : Amazon

The JSB HF59 ultra pro compact oscillatory slimming massage belt with heat for men and women is the latest addition to our range of slimming belts. It is small yet effective, low on power consumption but still powerful enough to meet your slimming and massage requirements. The JSB HF59 works on vibration, oscillation and heating methods and has got various modes and speeds to adjust to different body needs.

It comes with an extendable belt makes it fit for every waist. You can use it on your waist to burn extra fat. Or you can use it to reduce fat on your thighs and calves area. Not just slimming, this multi functional belts will help you in improving blood circulation and reducing pain. You can use it on your back to reduce back pain or your shoulders and neck to reduce muscle stiffness. So let us read more about Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India.


Likewise called sweat belts or sauna belts, sweat groups take one of two structures: a plastic wrap that includes your waist, holding heat in as you work out; or a comparable belt with its own particular warming system, intended to be utilized when you’re sit without moving. In spite of the fact that these “wellness helps” may really enable you to lose a couple of inches, it’s only a transitory impact of all the water you’ve sweated out. When you rehydrate, the weight and inches will return right. In spite of the svelte-sounding name, sweat groups – likewise called sauna belts – are in reality entirely extensive, covering most or the majority of your middle. In spite of the fact that they’re not as sweeping as an old-school, make a beeline for toe sweat suit, they take a shot at a similar general rule. Sweat is your body’s regular cooling component.

Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India

Features of Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India

  • Vibration, oscillation and heating slimming belt
  • Compact design easy portability 4 modes and 3 speeds
  • Can be used for tummy, hips, waist, upper back, thighs, arms
  • Slimming pain relief improved blood circulation
  • Uses Appropriate Low power consumption
  • 15 minutes cycle extendable belt to fit any waist
Tummy Trimming Slimming Belt India
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