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Detachable Wireless Leg Foot Massager India Light Weight

‘Detachable Wireless Leg Foot Massager India JSB HF160’

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Wireless Leg Foot Massager

JSB HF160 Lightweight Leg Foot Massager

One-Click Quick Massage Multi-Usage, Multiuser, Charging Design. Pneumatic Leg Massage, Foot Pressure Massage, Rapid Air Pressure System. Extra Large Massage Area. Created after extensive research in the field of relieving body stress, this massager targets the foot with its kneading movement that is highly effective in reducing muscle fatigue.

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Detachable Wireless Leg Foot Massager India

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As in acupressure, practitioners of shiatsu apply pressure to points on the body thought to be connected to pathways called “meridians”. By stimulating these points, such therapists aim to promote the flow of vital energy (also known as “chi”) and facilitate healing. According to the principles of TCM, blockages in the flow of chi can contribute to a wide range of illnesses.

Typically done on a low massage table or on a mat on the floor. Although the sequence is often similar to other types of massage, no massage oil is used, so it is usually done with the client fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing. While shiatsu is generally considered safe when done by a qualified professional, certain individuals should take caution and consult a physician before receiving shiatsu. JSB HF160 Compact Foot Massager with Roller Massage, Air Pressure & Heat is a multi-functional massager catering to the lower body circulation problems. It can be used for a relaxing kneading massage on the feet. Targeting all age groups & both genders. Especially effective for housewives, working individuals with heavy fieldwork and elderly. Kneading Massage to ease muscle ache. Suitable for Home & Office use. Acts on foot to reduce fatigue. Every massage time is automatically set to about 15 minutes.

Detachable Wireless Leg Foot Massager India

Product By: JSB Healthcare
Homepage: JSB HF160 Compact Foot Massager

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