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Heating Pad XL | JSB H05 | For Back Ache Neck Muscle Pain

‘Heating Pad XL JSB H05 Back Ache Neck Muscle Pain’

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On the onset of cold season, we often come across back pains and joint pains. In such situations, doctors generally prescribe us heating pads electric type which are a convenient and easy way to cure orthopedic problems like joint pain, muscular pain, or just to keep warm.

JSB electric heating pad is a pad used for warming of parts of the body in order to manage pain. Localized application of heat causes the blood vessels in that area to dilate, enhancing perfusion to the targeted tissue. Types of heating pads include electrical, chemical and hot water bottles. JSB Electric pads usually operate from household current and must have protection against overheating.

A moist jsb heating pad is used dry on the user’s skin. These pads register temperatures from 76 to 82 °C (169 to 180 °F) and are intended for deep tissue treatment and can be dangerous if left on unattended. Moist heating pads are used mainly by physical therapists but can be found for home use.

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Heating Pad XL JSB H05 Back Ache Neck Muscle Pain

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JSB electric heating pads, frequently used for hand warmers, is triggered by unwrapping an air-tight packet containing slightly moist iron powder and salt or catalysts which rusts over a period of hours after being exposed to oxygen in the air. Another type contains separate compartments within the pad; when the user squeezes the pad, a barrier ruptures and the compartments mix, producing heat such as the enthalpy change of solution of calcium chloride dissolving.

The jsb heating pad can be reused by placing it in boiling water for 10–15 minutes, which redissolves the sodium acetate trihydrate in the contained water and recreates a supersaturated solution. Once the electric heating pad has returned to room temperature it can be triggered again. Triggering the pad before it has reached room temperature results in the pad reaching a lower peak temperature, as compared to waiting until it had completely cooled.

Heating Pad XL JSB H05 Back Ache Neck Muscle Pain

Product By: JSB Healthcare
Homepage: JSB Electric Healting Pad

Why Are People Interested In This Product ?

Low Maintenance 95%
Good Customer Support 98%
Product Works as Presented 99%

More Information About Heating Pad XL JSB H05 Back Ache Neck Muscle Pain

Product Features

  • Low Power Consumption : 35W.
  • Fabric Material for easy folding and comfort.
  • Very Useful for Arthritics/Muscle Pains/Sprains.
  • With three temperature settings : Low/Medium/High(1-2-3).
  • Two built in Thermal cut outs for 100% Safety.
  • Remote Indicator for Clear Viewing.
  • Even Distribution of Heat.
  • Water Proof Element.
  • Long Lasting Heating element.
  • Well insulated on either side for complete safety and comfort.
  • With Cover and Belt for hands free operation.

Instructions Of Use

The JSB H05 Electric Heating Pad XL is made of first grade PVC material and corresponds to global safety standards with its two thermal cut outs.  We have ensured the safety of the product for you.

  1. Unpack the JSB H05 Electric Heating pad XLfrom the product box.
  2. Connect the AC wire into the power supply.
  3. Adjust the temperature to maximum with the remote control to preheat the heating pad electric for 2-3 minutes.
  4. After that, set the temperature to 1 or 2 level as per your requirement.
  5. Now, apply the heating pad at the painful body part.
  6. After use, disconnect the power supply and store the heating pad xl safely.



  • Never leave the heating pad electric unattended.
  • Never leave it on overnight.
  • Never cover the heating pad with blankets or quilts, as this my suffocate the pad.
  • Never us the heating pad in coordination with other heating equipments like electric heating blankets, infrared lamps, etc.

Technical Specifications

Brand  JSB
Model  H05
Colour  White
Box Dimension  15″ X 10.5″ X 2″
Box Weight  250 gms.
Chord Length  80″
Type  Electric Heating Pad XL
Other Features  With 3 Temperature Settings, With Fabric for easy folding
Power Source  AC
Power Consumption  35W
In the Box  1 pc JSB H05 Electric Heating Pad XL with remote, instruction manual.